One of the most marketable aspects of Simola Golf and Country Estate is the diversity of investment that the development offers.

Simola Woodlands is one of the variations that the Estate offers and is starting to become a very popular option, amongst discerning families.

When first approached to design more compact homes within the Simola Valley in 2014, we jumped at the chance. Partly to offer another product, partly for the challenge of designing variations with the same look and feel, and partly because it was great idea to make the Estate accessible to more income groups.

Since then we have been involved with providing design solutions that are practical and very good value. Home sizes range from 160sqm up to 280sqm and potential home owners have the opportunity to select a stand, and marry one of the home types on to their preferred site. Variations are commonplace and the small tweaks and adjustments make for individual home within a common architectural language.

As the Simola Valley and Woodlands in particular becomes more popular, so our involvement and footprint within this extremely prestigious Estate grows. These really are exciting times we live in.