In early 2019, Stiles approached us to assist them with a design for a new concept store that they wanted to launch in Knysna. The idea was to provide a boutique shopping experience that focused on specific target ranges that were more exclusive. This store was to be launched and then repeated – hopefully nation wide.

Stiles are a leading supplier of upmarket tiling, flooring and san-ware products in the Southern and Western Cape. As Architects and Interior Designers, we had been consulting with Stiles for home finishing products, since 2004. As such we were immediately excited to collaborate with them in designing a store that we would want to go to, and browse for product РA store that was easy to make use of, and that we would  be happy to bring our discerning clients to view quality products.

At inception, it was defined that the store should offer a wide range of product, without confusion. There are few challenges more tricky than trying to manage a client that is overwhelmed by too much product. It was therefore our mission to keep things very simple.


The design objective was to create an experience that could eliminate what the consumer didn’t want to see (without delay), and then to focus on what they were really after, while all the time making them aware of applicable options.¬† More product, less confusion … in a small store that potentially needed to be repeated in many locations, and hence a variety of differing markets. What a challenge.

The result is the use of light vertical timber screens to separate the product, a modular element that can be repeated as many times as is needed. This screening is accented by white framing and background, with simple and effective lighting in black. The result is classy and timeless … and we cannot wait to do the next showroom.